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About L1fe Outdoors


Macadam Foy and Connie Straus, founders of the L1FE Outdoors,

are proud to say that all products are made by hand in Canada.

We love our products and we hope you do too!

At L1FE Outdoors we pride ourselves on our modern, yet different look. Our engineers not only design for strength but also for style and fun. Great care was taken to make sure all the stainless steel fasteners are hidden, unless of course used to display a fun and stylish stainless steel accent. Check out the stainless steel cup holders on our Muskoka chair! Oh and our wine glass holder attachment completely disappears when not in use so that we don’t disrupt the look of the chair. Need a completely hidden bottle opener added so that you never lose it? Ask and you will receive. We like our products to have a clean and fun feel and our customers to have fun using our products without having to maintain them.

L1FE Outdoors is a modern outdoor furniture manufacturer, with a focus on environmentally friendly and maintenance-free operation. Based in New Hamburg Ontario, we understand the need to have furniture that can handle all 4 seasons.
All products are engineer-designed to ensure quality, strength, and durability. The materials used are either recycled plastic or stainless steel. There is no compromising on material quality! This combination allows you to leave our products outside all year round. Using recycled plastic is not only eco-friendly, diverting re-usable plastic from the landfill, but it is also UV stabilized, splinter, rot, and mold resistant creating a maintenance-free product for you. The stainless steel provides for an extremely strong structure and of course is weather proof as well. After a winter or dirty season simply pressure wash our products and you’re good to go.

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